Why Us ?

We envision and build better experiences, and develop do-to-market products for new growth,
eloquent differentiation and tangible financial value

Cloud-Based Platforms

No upfront investment in tools, technology or implementation.

Intelligent Systems

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to bring predictability and efficiency where they are most needed – testing, integrations and operations.

No Setup Time

Our platforms are pre-populated with the best practice content that allows you to hit the road running from day one.

Future Proof

Enable your team and technology to work cohesively and design robotized IT Solutions.

Our Three-Switch Approach

Enabling Innovation Through Our Three-Switch Approach

A Platform Approach

The Suneratech IT automation product suite is built to capture relevant data, gain intelligence through machine learning and become exponentially efficient — leading to massive savings in cost and time. This approach has created future-proof solutions that can automate the most inefficient and repetitive elements of your IT operations – Testing, DevOps and Change Management.

A Practical Approach

While businesses seek to transform into digital enterprises, they can’t get there overnight. Our products are built on the Suneratech SWITCH framework to help companies crawl, walk and run towards their digital goals through the steps of AUTOMATION, MIGRATION and INNOVATION. Each step makes sure that your company is stable and ready for the next stage of Digitalization.

Services & Support

Our automation products eliminate your IT redundancies and leave the need for minimal human intervention. Our managed services team understands these native products and can help you with managing your Applications and IT Operations.

Technology Partners